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Cocir Event Shows The Reality Of The Digital Hospital

Güncelleme Tarihi: 25/06/2014


COCIRAt a COCIR' event in Brussels yesterday on 'Digital Hospitals: Healthcare transformation from electronic patient records to fully connected hospitals', speakers from the European Commission, OECD, hospitals and industry came together to discuss how to maximise the use of health ICT to drive efficiency in hospitals while maintaining a highest level of quality and safety.

This event was organised in partnership with HIMSS Analytics Europe and the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE). Speakers brought evidence-based information on how to make the digital hospital a reality, concluding that it is a worthwhile investment. We all need to act as "ambassadors" in the move to digital hospitals.

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General, said: "Our industries' technologies can bring the necessary tools and competences to make the digital hospital become reality, reducing medical errors and enhancing the performance and safety of healthcare systems. However, it is only with the involvement of all stakeholders that the return on investment can be proven."

Hans Vandewyngaerde, COCIR Board Member concluded: "The digital hospital is fit for a future where resources are under pressure, chronic diseases are on the rise and we are asked to do less with more. The digital hospital remains an essential building block towards seamless care delivery and shared knowledge and is a response to the patient's empowerment."


COCIR is the voice of the European Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry. COCIR is a non-profit trade association, founded in 1959, representing the medical technology industry in Europe. COCIR's members play a driving role in developing the future of healthcare in Europe and worldwide.

COCIR moved to Brussels in January 2006, establishing a permanent office in Brussels to better represent industry in its relations with the European institutions. In February 2007, COCIR opened a China Desk in Beijing to strengthen its presence and support for its members in China.

With a new staff, COCIR is committed to supporting its members and communicating with its partners in Europe and beyond, on issues affecting the medical technology sector and the health of European citizens.